After performing at the Hangout Festival, Kendrick Lamar spoke to MTV about Kanye West, the man whom everybody is talking about after the events of this weekend. Despite being on a heavy tour grind right now, Kendrick did manage to hear a bit of "New Slaves," Yeezy's latest track. At this point, it is too early for the Compton MC to offer his thoughts about the song itself, but he does have a lot to say about the marketing campaign behind the release.

Calling the marketing scheme "crazy," Kendrick is inspired, later going on to say that Kanye is pushing the boundary for what is possible. "After a while you get to a point in hip-hop where certain tactics get watered down," he said. "How much music can you release on the Internet to get it hot? How many singles can you put out? How many videos can you possibly do?"

While a follow-up release to good kid, m.A.A.d. city does not seem in the offerings for 2013, it will be interesting to see how the Yeezus marketing campaign will influence what Kendrick does moving forward. If anyone in hip-hop is likely to follow in the footsteps Kanye's full creative genius, it would be K. Dot, whose first album on a major label featured a lot of experimentation in terms of song structure and single selection.

[via MTV]

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