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It's no secret that many of the former members of Three 6 Mafia's Hypnotized Minds camp no longer get along with company founder Juicy J. According to Gangsta Boo, the rapper is still holding a grudge. She also claims to know ghostwriters that the rapper has worked with.

Last week, we posted our interview a rapper named Yoyo Munie, who was claiming to have written the hook to Juicy J's "Bandz a Make Her Dance," amongst other Juicy J tracks from the past few years. This was unexpected, because in interviews, Juicy J has claimed to have written the hook himself.

In an interview that ran today with Vlad.TV, Gangsta Boo talked about how Juicy was, allegedly, holding a grudge against her. She also makes a similar allegation about Juicy J's writers:

"I know a couple of his writers. One of my homeboys wrote "Bandz" for him."

Oh, so Juicy J didn't write "Bandz" himself.

"[tsss] Not what I hear. Not what I hear. Not what I hear at all. Yeah ho. [laughs]"

She also credits Juicy J's hustle with his successful comeback. "He was the co-president of Hypnotized Minds, which spawned us, so...I think he's a hustler so I definitely wasn't surprised about his success at all."

But later on:

"As many millions I made you nigga, you should be kissing my ass."

[via Vlad.TV]

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