A rapper from Memphis is claiming writing credit for a number of Juicy J tracks, including the hook to Top 40 record "Bandz a Make Her Dance."

Three years ago, a song surfaced called "Bet Yo Bank Roll," performed by a rapper named Yoyo Munie. It had an incessantly catchy hook, a typically memorable verse from Juicy J, and was highlighted by a variety of publications at the time, including The Fader, XXL and Ozone

After that moment, outside of Memphis, Yoyo Munie didn't make too much more noise; he first popped back up on our radar when former Three 6 Mafia associate La Chat highlighted him as a Memphis rapper on the come-up in this interview. Back in 2010 and 2011, you could see Juicy tweeting a few endorsements of the rapper:

Recently, it came to our attention that Yoyo was making noise again, but this time it was on his Twitter account. He was claiming that he was ghostwriting for Juicy J, tweeting at Juicy, and retweeting a number of his fans arguing the same thing. It is rare for a rapper to come out and actively say that he's ghostwritten for another artist; although it has happened, typically, ghostwriting is kept in the dark by both the writer (who doesn't wish to be blackballed) and the artist. This means that Yoyo is either making thing whole thing up or else he's completely unconcerned with the potential consequences.

Last week, the rapper released a mixtape entitled Da B8 Mixtape—as in "bait," so titled because he's got "lines and hooks" (get it?). We reached out to Yoyo to hear his side of the story. 

"I've been writing for Juicy for like three years," he said in a thick Memphis drawl. "He pays me. It's work-for-hire."

When asked why, if he had in fact written for Juicy J, he was coming forward, Yoyo implied that they had an agreement that, in exchange for his work, Juicy would help put him on. "He doesn't owe me no money. I've been waiting for him to put me out, but he didn't want to put me out. I keep doing songs for him, and he don't want to give me no time."

His involvement in Juicy's career, he says, goes back a while, and even includes the hook to "Bandz a Make Her Dance," Juicy's gold-selling Mike Will Made It-produced track, which peaked at No. 29 on the Hot 100. He also claims the bulk of Juicy's Blue Dream & Lean mixtape ("If there's 24 songs on there, I did at least 20 of them songs, in the studio with him personally.") He also claims to have done tracks on the rapper's previous mixtape with Lex Luger (Rubba Band Business 2) and to have written Juicy's part for the two tracks that ended up on Lil Wayne's most recent LP.

"'Gun Walk' and 'Trippy,' they're on Lil Wayne's album, I wrote them," says Yoyo. "That's what I'm mad about. He gets hooks from me, gives them to other people, and he's supposed to be putting me on, and he don't put me on. It's pissing me off, so..."

We also asked Juicy J's representatives for comment. They responded that "There is absolutely no truth to this."

Yoyo Munie f/ La Chat and Mac E "Don't Wanna See Ya Face" (Produced by Big Roe)

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