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Feed Me recently took to his Twitter account to speak his mind about DJing. It's an interesting conversation in that the common way of thinking is that "are you a popular dance music artist? You need to learn how to DJ," as touring is where the real money is being made for these artists (and artists in hip-hop, rock, and other genres). It's a no-brainer. The problem is when your heart really isn't in it. While many know of him best as Feed Me, he's been at this for a while, back when he was igniting the drum & bass scene as Spor. We "get it," and it's intriguing to hear an artist speak about this. Hopefully more dialogues will be opened up about this particular subject, although with the money being funneled into America's EDM scene, festival life is going to make a number of DJs comfortable financially, so we're not about to see a wild changing of the guard overnight.

As he mentioned, Feed Me plans to stop DJing sometime in autumn; we imagine it will be after the string of gigs listed on his site, which would put him at September 8. This also doesn't mention if he'll stop touring with his TEETH stage setup, as that is a different monster altogether.