Over the weekend, we caught a glimpse of the thunderous beauty that is the bass beast known as Starkey's "Fade." He cryptically mentioned "MAY SEVENTH," but hadn't given any further details on what the hell he was referring to, but now we know: a three-track EP, entitled Fade, has been released to the world for free via his Facebook. And it knocks.

Not only do you get the massive call-to-arms that is "Fade," but you get the lethal, chiptune mashing "Guglemapz," and "Uglee," which takes no prisoners and melts all faces. Starkey's been on a tear since, well, since he started releasing music, and each new tune improves upon the last. We're just glad he's giving away these bits for free. Stream "Fade" in its entirety, and grab the full EP via Starkey's Facebook page.