The Detroit-based quartet Doughboyz Cashout (HBK, Payroll, Doughboy Quis, and Doughboy Dre) are the latest signees to Young Jeezy's Corporate Thugs Ent. label, as of last week. The group released a mixtape entitled The Tester (get it?) in 2012; their single "Good Ass Day" has crested a million views on YouTube.

Their tape has a dusty midwest throwback gangster rap vibe, from the S.O.S. Band-sampling "Young Dawg" (a different flip of the same song A$AP Rocky used for "Peso") to the uptempo '90s-style party jam "Play Yo Role." It's a sound that seems out of step with current rap, but refreshing because of that same fact—at least, if you are open to the past sounds of midwest street rap in the mold of, say, Dayton Family. Between Danny Brown's eccentric approach, Big Sean's pop appeal, and Boldy James' last-man-standing street drug dealer raps, Detroit's scene seems stronger than it has since the heyday of Eminem, Royce and D12

Doughboyz Cashout "Good Ass Day" (2011)

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