Producer: EZ Elpee
Album: Shyne
Label: Bad Boy

Cipha Sounds: "I remember a classic argument between Flex and Big Kap. It was our first night back after the Tunnel had shut down for a bit, and it was one of the Roc-A-Fella nights. They were arguing about which record was bigger: 'Bad Boyz' or 'My Mind Right' by Memphis Bleek. What was gonna be the first record back? In the booth at the time was Jay-Z, Dame Dash, Memph Bleek, DJ Clue, Rockwilder, and DJ Twinz, who produced the Bleek record. The Twinz helped convince Flex that 'Mind Right' was the bigger record. Sidebar: The DJ booth at the Tunnel could've been its own club—it had its own speakers, it was so loud in there."