Producer: Dame Grease, PK
Album: It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
Label: Ruff Ryders, Def Jam

Cipha Sounds: "The whole video was about the Tunnel. The search was like going to jail: You had to take your shoes off, your belt, everything. Some cops would come to the Tunnel with warrants for wanted people, and have photocopies of these pictures and walk up the line with the book open. You'd get inside and pay and be searched, and there'd be cops there looking at you.

"On the benches where people put their shoes on, you'd hear, 'Oh shit, I thought I was gone, yo!' Cops came into the Tunnel a few times and we had to turn the music off for half-hour as they looked for somebody. They'd get on the mic, 'So-and-so, we're looking for you. We know you're in here.' They'd get fucking booed.

"Anyway, Kap broke this record in the Tunnel. Originally it was a freestyle made specifically for a Clue tape with the Lox and DMX on it. And I think it got such a dope reaction that they then made it a record for DMX. The freestyle was on the B-side of the vinyl, so we used to play both versions."