Producer: Trackmasters
Album: Confessions of Fire
Label: Untertainment, Epic

Cipha Sounds: "I broke that record. I got that record 'cause Cam was with Ma$e when he came on tour with Lil Kim. Cam used to write for Junior Mafia at that time. I think Cam wrote 'Crush On You' for Cease. So after '.357' and 'Pull It' came out and Cam was making noise, he gave me 'Horse & Carriage' on a DAT, just to play it for Flex to see if Flex liked it. I told Flex not to play it on the radio, so therefore...he played it on the radio. So it got popular, and I used to play it in the Tunnel off of the DAT on my own DAT machine. Flex gave me the 'shoulder'—and I said, 'You can't give me the "shoulder" until it's on vinyl.' And I played it every week."