Busta Rhymes is fascinating. Here we get access to some details of the man's life, as hilariously extracted by journalist/rapper Jeff Rosenthal of Itsthereal. Though we didn't get to find out what Busta thought of Urbane Outfitters, at least we learned never to forget the anchovies if we're preparing a pizza for the god.

Here are some highlights:

When asked why he hasn't put out any material with YMCMB labelmate Drake...

"I have something that's actually halfway done with Drake on a J. Dilla beat. It's incredible."

When asked about Spliff Star's ability to talk one's ear off...

"So, the lecture comes in to the trillionth power when it comes to hustling, or gun sh*t, or street sh*t. When you're dialoguing, you've just gotta stay away from street sh*t. [Laughs] Or else you're gonna get lectured until your face falls off your f*cking body."

When asked if he has trouble fitting through doors...

"Yo! No. [Laughs] Even when I was 294 pounds last March, at my biggest, I didn't have problems fitting through a doorway."

Read the full interview at Rolling Stone.

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