Instagram launched in October 2010, but it took a few years to catch on. By April 2012, the app had over 100 million active users. Thankfully, nearly ever hip-hop artist has created a profile so fans can see what their lives are really like (or something like that anyway). Without Instagram, we would have never gotten to see Jay-Z sip D'Usse out of a Grammy or all those Rihanna selfies. So thank you, Instagram. To help you sort through the endless amount of photos that have been posted on the app, here are the 50 Best Hip-Hop Instagram Photos (So Far).

Above: @TheGame

Date: February 2013

Caption: @TaylorSwift stopped by the @60DaysOfFitness training session to ay what up @ get started on her #60DaysOfFiness ..... If we can do it... So can you !!!! Go to NOW & join !!!! @lala @eobkardashian got theirs started.... What day are you on ????

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