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This, of course, was French's big record after joining up with Diddy and Bad Boy. As a result, it loses some of the unique aesthetic choices French had cultivated with Harry Fraud and the Coke Boys. Fraud did place four beats (including the intro). One flipped the same sample as Jay-Z's "D'Evils," while "Triple Double" used the same Isley Brothers sample as "Today was a Good Day" by Cube, continuing the duo's reign of '90s fetishism.

Young Chop, meanwhile, had four tracks. The production lineup was rounded out by names like Boi-1da, DJ Mustard, and Swizz Beats. Chinx Drugz had two guest spots, but the lineup was heavy on big-name guests like Mac Miller and J. Cole. Tracks like "Ocho Cinco" became hits in a Rick Ross Banger(TM) vein, while "Devil Want My Soul" seemed clearly indebted to Chief Keef's "Love Sosa."  This is perhaps French's most expensively-produced, trend-hungry record to date, and his rap style on it was more "hammering mantras" than "bars" per se, with a few exceptions.