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We know, rap is supposed to be about the music, man. It’s supposed to be about the art, the passion, the craft. But let’s be honest, some of it just for the entertainment. People used to say rap was a lot like the WWE, but it’s a bit less of a contact sport nowadays. Really, rap is—like it always was—a three-ring circus. And you don’t just go to the circus and only see the ringmasters like Dr. Dre, the elephants like 50 Cent, or the tightrope walkers like Eminem. Whether you like it or not, you’re also going to see the clowns. And you know what, you should enjoy it because clowns are funny.

That’s not to say we consider all the people on this list clowns. It’s to say that we’re often entertained more by their mere presence than their actual music—even if on occasion their music is actually decent. They’re the kind of people who usually have interesting news stories going on about them, just not much interesting art. We suppose that makes them a troll, but in these modern times, fame—even mild, Internet driven fame—is an art unto itself. And some people are just good at being famous. That's why these rappers are better entertainers than they are rappers.

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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