RiFF RaFF is not happy with James Franco. RiFF RaFF is upset that Franco has been downplaying how his Spring Breakers character, Alien, was inspired by him. In fact, RiFF was so upset that he sent out an email today titled "More Lies From Franco?" that made its way into a Complex staffer's inbox this afternoon.

Here's the email: 

Honestly, RiFF RaFF has a point so we could see why he'd be pissed. For the past few months, Riff has been promoting the upcoming film and taking credit for his involvement as a muse for the director of Spring BreakersHarmony Korine. Plus, it's hard for Korine to deny at least some influence from RiFF RaFF since they once appeared on the cover of Sneeze together. 

However, it was recently reported that the alleged muse was actually Dangeruss, a less well-known rapper from St. Petersburg, Florida, who recently spoke with Complex. Even Dangeruss says the character is like RiFF RaFF: "The way James’ appearance is in the movie, you can’t really dispute that that’s kind of Riff Raff’s style. Had it been based on me completely, 100%, James wouldn’t have dressed like that." It should also be noted that Dangeruss in fact has dreads, not braids. 

Then again, we're just speculating. What we've learned from this is simply that RiFF RaFF loves reaching out to journalists. See this example below for reassurance: 

Works every time!

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