Album: N/A 
Label: G-Unit, Interscope
Producer: Ron Browz

The best thing to do when you have a rugged New York rap song is to recruit M.O.P. for the remix. 50 Cent wisely did just that. Lil Fame's opening line of "Look; the first nigga that scream G-Unot to me, I'm a stomp yo ass out with the Gore-Tex beef and broccoli's" pretty much put The Game in his place. From there it gets more and more violent, which is just what you want in a song about pistol-whipping someone's head to the white meat. The Second Ammendment gives us the right to pistol whip people if they are being a fuckboy. It is not illegal. You can thank our forefathers for having that foresight.

This Song Also Makes Us Want To: Pistol Whip a Black Bear to the White Meat