So let me get this straight. Young Scooter—a guy who apparently is currently sharing a jail cell with his mentor Gucci Mane—has Rick Ross, Birdman, and Gucci Mane on his remix, shot what looks like an expensive ass video, and said video is being premiered by MTV2. And you're telling me he isn't signed to a major label? Umm, okay. Whatever you say man.

But I digress. Peep Scooter's new Gabriel Hart directed video above. The video is (supposedly) shot in Haiti, New Orleans, and Atlanta. If you can't be bothered to watch the whole video, just peep the first minute to see Ross' great verse (rape lyrics aside, that dude can just rap), some fly ladies, and watch Rozay do a faux moonwalk. That shit is worth the price of admission alone (the price of admission being an annoying ad). 

Scooter's Jugg House album is scheduled to drop on July 2.

[via MissInfo]