We don't always respect our elders, but watching Scarface talk about how hip-hop is being whitewashed reminds us why we always should. Sitting down with HardKnockTV, Uncle Face takes his time to say something "as offensive as I can fucking make it." 

"There's no fucking way you can tell me that it's not a conspiracy against the Blacks in hip-hop," said the Houston rapper. "Because you put out fucking records that make us look stupid, that make us look dumb."

Face went on to explain when "other rappers" come out they look great. He reasons that eventually fans will side with the intelligent rappers and, "Pretty soon...hip-hop is white now." 

Although he gave props to Kendrick Lamar, Face also raged against the old, white, Jewish music executives that he says control hip-hop music (ironic since last time we interviewed him, he gave mad props to Lyor Cohen).

But his main point was to warn artists and fans that if they didn't protect the culture and value the craft of rapping, 25 years from now, "Elvis gone be the the face on hip-hop." 

Face also took to Twitter to clarify his statement.

Peace to Uncle Face. He always keeps it 100. You can agree or disagree with him (and even I disagree with parts because I don't believe in the conspiracy or blaming the same executives who made careers like Kendrick's possible), but what he says about the history of rock is true. And it very well may happen to hip-hop. 

[via HotNewHipHop]

Also check out Scarface on Complex TV's The Combat Jack Show Ep. 1 below. 

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