One of the big buzz words for live music in 2012 was "hologram." Around this time last year, Coachella kicked it all off by having the late 2Pac perform alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in hologram form. The minute Hologram Pac vanished in thin air after performing "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted," the world wanted to know what the next hologram experience would be. Fans started envisioning tours with their favorite deceased artists on the lineup. Rumors revolved around everyone from Elvis Pressley to Left Eye.

Obviously, most of these dreams were dashed when Digital Dogman Media, the creators of Hologram Pac, filed for bankrutpcy. That has not stopped others from picking up where the originators left off.

Recently, Canadian singer Feist used hologram technology to perform in three places at once. That was not a misprint. Feist performed in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal as part of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch party. The performance was put together by both Samsung and a projection company called Musion.

Above is footage of Feist and the team putting together this ambitious effort. Below is footage of Hologram Feist performing in Toronto.

Initially, the thought was that holograms would become a way of reliving legendary artists who had passed away. Maybe the future sees living artists eliminate strenuous touring by performing as a hologram in fifty cities at the same time?

Time will tell.

[via Stereogum]

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