Best Songs: "I Got the Hook Up," "Bump & Grill," "What The Game Made Me," "Hooked"

When the Tank was firing on all cylinders, P would look for any excuse to drop a project (remember the No Limit basketball album? Anyone?), so if P was dropping a movie, you knew a soundtrack wasn’t far behind. Enter I Got The Hook Up, P’s first big budget film to hit the silver screen. After the surprise success of the self-funded semi bio pic, I’m Bout It, movie companies came looking for P with bags of money, hoping to cash in on the Colonel’s proven fan base. A theatrical release about burner phones? Yeah, only P in ‘98 could pull off such a caper.

Using the same formula as the I’m Bout It Soundtrack, P used the album to showcase his ever-growing No Limit roster. But with P at his creative and commercial peak, he was able to call in some high profile features, with major label stars like Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Montell Jordan and Ol’ Dirty Bastard offering aid and assistance. The album’s biggest moment, however, was P’s single “I Got The Hook Up,” which featured Sons of Funk. The single struck gold on its own (the soundtrack went platinum), and was a Billboard top 20 hit. If anything, this album makes us long for an era where labels actually released movie soundtracks.