Obviously, 4/20 holds a special significance for Snoop Lion. The day has always been very important to the Los Angeles native, even before he embraced this new moniker, but especially because of his rasta-influence, it is all the more important, to the point where today he has been promoting the hashtag "#snoop420" on Twitter.

However, it appears that not everyone enjoys Snoop's grandiose 4/20 plans in LA.

TMZ is reporting that a "Snoop Lion 420 Festival," which was supposed to take place throughout the day in a Hollywood Hills mansion, was shut down several hours into the festivities. It is believed that Snoop had just arrived on the scene when police came and shut it down. Apparently, no citations were given, and sources reported that Snoop was incredibly understanding.

That said, if Snoop's Twitter is any consideration, he still seems to be having quite the blast.

[via TMZ]

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