A video interview with ageless super-producer, bon vivant and spiritual-hipster Pharrell Williams regarding the upcoming Daft Punk album Random Access Memories came out today. We want what he's smoking. Among Pharrell's #DeepThoughts:

"It seems like the only click-track they had was the human heartbeat. And that's what makes it really interesting, because these are robots."

"The music was as alive as the air was. So the air was something that you were gentle and kind and thankful to."

"Somewhere outside of the aether that we exist in is a multitude of realms of possibility and alternate directions. I think they just went in those libraries and just dusted off those things."

"A six-year-old can enjoy this album like a 33-year-old. It's like a 66-year-old, because it is music."

Even Pharrell's new-age flower child-isms can't dim our expectations for a new Daft Punk record, of course. The album comes out May 21, and we've decided that it will live up to all of Pharrell's trippy hyperbole.

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