With his album The Gifted slated to drop later this year, Wale goes in over an interpolation of Fun.'s "Sight of the Sun" from the soundtrack to Girls, Girls, Vol. 1.   

Them indie rock flows is the future though. We're guessing that as indie rock and rap worlds continue to collide, we're going to see more and more songs like this happen. Like the way Kendrick Lamar sampled Beach House on "Money Trees."

Speaking of artists on Interscope, did you catch Folarin's swipe at his former label? "Getting dollars, don't get shot up/You call up Interscope, they say the music business kill 800% percent of you." (Correct us if we're wrong, Wale's words get minced a bit there.) What's that industry rule Q-Tip once said? Mannnnn listen...

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[via MissInfo]