Key Song: Nipsey Hussle "Hussle In The House"

Oh Nipsey, we had such high hopes for you. Despite garnering a significant buzz on the West Coast and even getting some radio play for his track "Hussle In The House," his career fell by the wayside, his buzz evaporated, and he got dropped dropped from his label. Which is too bad since he was finally starting starting to shed the Snoop Dogg comparisons. Before the emergence of TDE, it was easy to try and write off every West Coast rapper as a wannabe Snoop—be honest, have you ever listened to Knoc-turn'al and not thought a little about Snoop? For Nipsey, it was a different story. His vocals had more of a Snoop vibe than a Snoop presence, he certainly lacked the laconic drawl of the Doggfather. Mostly, Nipsey sounded exactly like we imagine every loc'ed out OG with a blue flag sounds. We suspect the accusations might have been tied to physical appearance as well vocal, especially since Nip's braids were so Calvin Broadus. In addition, they shared biogeographical affinities: Like Snoop, Nipsey was also a Crip raised in Los Angeles. Eventually, Uncle Snoop gave his nephew Nipsey the co-sign and the talk of similarities died down. Unfortunately, so did Nipsey's buzz. —Insanul Ahmed