Remember when Nelly and Tim McGraw collaborated on "Over and Over" and it was pretty catchy but everyone was like, 'Sorry, what's going on?' Well, this is even more weird.

Country star Brad Paisley (who has 18 No. 1 hit singles) and LL Cool J have come together on "Accidental Racist." It's featured on Paisley's upcoming Wheelhouse album, and Paisley will be featured on LL Cool J's upcoming Authentic album.

We hear Paisley sing: 'Cause I'm a white man livin' in the southland/Just like you I'm more than what you see/I'm proud of where I'm from but not everything we've done." And then, LL Cool J raps "I'd love to buy you a beer, conversate and clear the air/But I see that red flag and I think you wish I wasn't here."

And yes, LL Cool J throws in some "If you don't judge my du-rag/I won't judge your red flag."

You can listen to the entire song here.

[via MostlyJunkFood]