Hip-Hop and dance music have been intertwined from the very beginning, ever since Afrika Bambaataa "searched for the perfect beat" and started utilizing sounds from Kraftwerk. It has always been a weird marriage, though - not because the music has been bad, but because the two scenes can be seen as so different, its hard for artists to shake any preconceived stigmas that listeners might have for rap music, or electronic music. Just look at how trap is perceived by both the EDM and hip-hop worlds and you'll start to understand the struggle that's been brewing over the last few decades.

Luckily, dance music is very prevalent in the rap world these days. Be it the storm that trap rode in on, or EDM artists like David Guetta working with everyone from Ludacris to the Black Eyed Peas, or Skrillex getting production credits on A$AP Rocky's debut album; now would be the time to strike. And whether it be previous production that this batch of producers has done, or the potential we hear in their sound, we have no doubt that these artists, if they so chose, would win in making dance music.