There's few things in the world as hip-hop as an MPC. First invented in 1988, the MPC—an acronym for Music Production Center—is designed to be like a hi-tech drum machine but it also gives users the ability to sample their own sound. Even hip-hop fans who aren't into really into production techniques know about the MPC, or are at least familiar with them thanks to things like Dr. Dre's Coors Light ad in the '90s or Kanye West's performance at the 2010 MTV VMAs

Thanks to YouTube, more and more people are putting up videos of themselves playing MPCs. Some are well-known producers like Party Supplies while others are just kids with time on their hands. The king of playing the MPC as performance however, is certainly Araabmuzik who plays the MPC with furious precision. We dug around YouTube to find 10 Awesome Videos of People Playing MPCs. So relax and take notes.

Written by Erik Ross (@HellaDecent)

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