Alexander Spit: “When I was 17, I graduated with the quickness when I moved back to The Bay because I started going to all of these alternative education schools. Which really means hella easy school. I was homeschooled, getting English credits for writing verses and P.E. credits for skating.

“When I turned 21, I moved out of my parents house. I moved into the homies house in San Francisco. Around that time is when I started to realize that I had been in 12 step programs for five years without necessarily even having a real problem. I was like, ‘Fuck it I’m going to start partying.’

“At that time I was fully convinced that the people that were popping—not even on a global scale but in San Francisco the people that were cool and known—were going out every night.

“Their face was seen every night, they would go out campaigning their shit. So I adopted a lifestyle of going out every night. San Francisco is perfect for that type of life because even the regular Joe Schmo’s be doing that, they don’t even have to have a hustle. People just go out every night in San Francisco and party.”