Alexander Spit: “My mother grew up in the Philippines in a very strict Filipino family. My father grew up in San Francisco. My pops raised me on Bay Area sports teams and to be proud of having roots in the Bay Area. He raised me in a very San Francisco way, like showing me how to drink Root Beer with certain food.

“We were lower-middle-class. Both of my parents worked so a lot of the time was spent between me and my playings sports and biking. When I was eight, my pops got laid off from his job and he was unemployed for a good two to three years. That forced my mom to work a full time job. I didn’t really understand the magnitude of being broke until I had to see my moms crying at the dinner table because we had to eat fast food dinners.

“After looking for work in L.A., my pops eventually found a job at this golf course in Marin County which is a pretty rich area of the Bay Area. So it was me, my moms, and my brother for a good two years while my pops was just stacking money. We would go visit him a for a weekend like once a month. Eventually my pops had stacked enough money for us to move up closer to where he was working and my mom transferred jobs.

“We went from living in a simple L.A. neighborhood to a little part of the Bay Area that was noticeably a lot richer. It was filled with a lot more rich white suburban kids than I was used to. When we moved up there it was the first time I realized that I was a minority in the sense of social structure, race, and the way I think. Me and my brother grew up kicking rocks around, but these kids were skiing.

That’s when I realized there is a divide between people. No matter what the lines are. I found myself coinciding with a lot of the weird kids, kids that I knew didn’t fall into no popular clique but they seemed cool. It just happened to be that those kids were also the broke kids. That’s kind of where I really started getting into rap music."