The crew known as WatchTheDuck labels this as "soulstep," and you can hear it. They are a pretty wild mixture of live instrumentation, but with no fear or limitations. I had a chance to meet them not too long ago, and it was refreshing to see artists who have grown up through a number of different variations of dance music, rap, and the like, and blend them into one sonic stew. More on them and that at a later date, though.

"Girlfriend??" is a cut from their forthcoming EP, Anatidaephobia, which is the fear of ducks watching you. Yes, this is real. In this cut, they wax some thoughts on a female who's doing all she can to attain that "girlfriend" status, and the different sides of the track play the situation out. You've got the mellow, cool bop during the verses, where the girl is cooking that good food, doing everything you could ever want/need, hooking you in... but then you do something like, I don't know, drop that "well, I'm just doing me" on them, and then the rage comes out, accentuated by that gnarled dubstep vibe.

Word is WatchTheDuck will be on BET's 106 & Park today with a DJ set and performance - maybe they'll drop this track? Who knows. For more on their EP, and them, hit their website.