With Gucci Mane in prison just days after this whole thing started, all eyes are on Waka Flocka Flame for his thoughts on the pair’s blossoming beef. In case you missed it, Waka recently dissed Gucci during a show in New York days after Gucci, who claimed to have been hacked, did the same to Waka on Twitter.

The Boombox spoke with Waka today and managed to get a few statements about his labelmate and his recent run-in with the law. "The equator used to be tight, but it just gets wider as the years go," Waka said of his relationship with Gucci. "Shit happens." When asked about the rumors that Gucci’s Spring Breakers costar Selena Gomez was to blame, he explained,

"She ain't bad enough. She fine as hell, but she ain't bad enough. Ain't no woman on earth that bad that can go between family members or friends. Especially not a little young girl."

Finally, when asked how he feels about Gucci landing behind bars, Waka said,

"I don't know, man. I ain't got no thoughts, it's just like ... a sunny day [today]. It's sunny today, what's tomorrow [bring]? It's not even a thought."

Stay tuned for updates on the whole situation.

[via TheBoombox]

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