If you are a diehard mobile technology enthusiast, or someone that just knows a thing or two about how sound is supposed to be, you instantly are familiar of Munitio's trademark Nines and Billets in-ear headphones, aka the "headphones that look like bullets." These earpieces have steadily been dominating the audio accessory world, with cosigns from icons such as Kobe Bryant, Just Blaze and Wolfgang Gartner. Just a few weeks ago, they released the SV in-ear headphones, a new set that are aesthetically different but pulls no punches in the sound quality. After opening the nifty nylon case and giving it a two hour burn-in to open up the drivers a bit, I gave them a listen.

The SVs are more geared toward the everyday mobile consumer than the Nines are, and are a huge step up from the previous Billets; they still have the almighty 9mm drivers, and the sound and clarity in these are improved and traded in for a lower and (a bit safer) volume threshold, which makes for the low bass response and extra treble - for people that own the Nines, they are known to get LOUD, and you don't have to turn those models up as much. The mid-range is a bit relaxed on these, too, which makes it ideal for multi-genre listening. The one thing I love the most about the Munitio phones are the isolation of ambient noise; being near or next to crying kids, chatty (nervous) businessmen, or arguing family members on a plane, bus or train have never sounded quieter.

The new wide ribbon cable is also a great improvement, it makes for an easily accessible, tangle free cord when you are on the go. The new [M]ic Control piece is a little wider for easier access, but not as pronounced as the past styles, which made it a bit odd when pressing the buttons, but that was a really minor setback.

Overall, these headphones are awesome, and at the retail price of $129.99, you get everything you pay for.

DAD gives the Munitio SV earphones a 4.5/5.