Pizza, burgers, a sick flow, big-breasted beauties, and some bangin', party-startin' house music? YES PLEASE. That's all in the new music video for Laidback Luke and Majestic's new single, "Pogo" and we're bringing you the exclusive premiere.  This video is just ridiculous in the best of ways.  I could describe it more, but it's not really going to do it justice. What I can say is that this track and video together fully complement each other in that they both embody the hip-hop and dutch fusion sensibilities, fun-loving and we don't care what you think attitude that has made Laidback Luke a worldwide sensation.

The single is coming out this Monday via Luke's Mixmash Records, and it'll also come with remixes from Chuckie, Congorock, Deorro, and H.P. Prince. Once you're done watching this clip, give Luke's "POGO" Mix a listen.