During Machinedrum's set at the Next Big Thing showcase at SXSW yesterday, comedian Hannibal Buress started to make fun of Machinedrum's shirt. From the looks of it, his shirt had a very low collar, and was discolored around the neck. Hannibal's remarks (and pictures) can be seen above, and his twitter followers joined in the joking, which seems to have caught the ire of Machinedrum, who has used his twitter account to get personal in the past.

Via a few of Hannibal's retweets, we get to see Machinedrum's remarks back at Hannibal, most of them showing how agitated he was by the ordeal (which was probably heightened by the number of people joining in on the cracks, including this parody twitter account that was made), although he deleted those tweets to speak a bit more rationally.

Machinedrum's frustration can be felt; his recent signing with Ninja Tune was announced at the Ninja Tune SXSW showcase earlier this week, and he's getting more attention over a stained shirt. It's all in jest, and he probably went a little overboard with his tweets back at Hannibal, but we understand.