Jeff Bhasker: "Not everyone has vision. Kanye has vision. But then he brings it to life, too. He's good at both. So it's a two part process, you gotta have a great vision and bring it to life. He [explains his vision] in a lot of different ways. [Kanye communicates] directly. He just says what he wants, there's no bullshitting around. You might have to get used to the idea of communicating very directly, for some people it kinda throws them off at first.


Not everyone has vision. Kanye has vision. But then he brings it to life, too.


"Like, when I work with Bruno [Mars], we're good friends so we can comfortably say to each other, 'This sucks' without taking it personally. It's important to not take things personally and be able to objectively critique yourself and people you're working with in order to have a get a result.

"Also another thing that he does really well is set parameters. He knows, 'I'm gonna sing with Auto-Tune and there's gonna be 808's.' He sets the parameter for things so you have a guide; here are my options, here are the roads I can go down. It's not wide open, he's setting a lane for you to drive down."

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