Where: The Townsend Hotel (Birmingham, MI)

Date: March 21, 2009

Songs Performed: "Whatever You Like," "What's Happening, What's Up," among others.

Other Notable Guests: Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade. 

Amazing Things:

1. The 13/13 Club—a la The 40/40 Club—is a brilliant theme.

2. Six days after this concert, T.I. would be sentenced to a year in jail on a gun charge.

3. The owner of the Cleveland Cavs got into a fight during the party. Seriously.

4. Dwayne Wade wasn't there as a guest, really: He just happened to be in town, playing the Detroit Pistons, and staying at the hotel where the party was.

5. Adam, now a few years older, was nice enough to send us the above photos. He explained that T.I. performed for about 45 minutes, and did a bunch of songs off of Paper Trail. The show got a rave review from his high school's newspaper.