We have no idea why Dface isn't headlining arenas right now. He's producing some HUGE tunes, and they span every genre possible. Seemingly bored of sampling artists, he's choosing to sing on records himself. He's had his records played on BBC. We're not sure what gives. He's released TONS of music and given it a giant chunk of it out for free. We featured his bootleg of The Fugees' classic tune "Ready Or Not" last month, and DAD partnered with TrapMusic.NET to announce the release of his new single, "Who You Want To Be."

Forgive the title. It sounds like you're about to sit down to a motivational speech. This track holds everything we're looking for. The thuggish "AY" sample thrown in. The giant vocal. The ripping synths. The panned hats. The white noise. The progression. This is nothing short of marvelous. Often times people attempt to produce big songs and they're just TOO much. This is done perfectly. And we're always fans of songs that pull from different styles and influences. This one is an opus. We sincerely hope this one gets passed around. Dface deserves to be in the spotlight; he's earned it.