Album: Shock Value
Label: Mosley Music/Blackground

Danja: "All those records [with Nelly, Justin, and the Timberland solo stuff] came together in that one year. For that song, I had some sounds and then Tim started playing my keyboard messing with sounds. I had a beat going and he did the [melody]. It was weird because now I'm sampling him [instead of the other way around]. I added the drums and everything around it.

"We both are always developing a new style so it evolved through the album-making process. It's always evolving, it's going to change and turn into something different. We strive to keep switching our styles, that's how we maintain eclectic sounds.

"We would all give our feedback to each other. It goes both ways. It may come from one person, but we have to have an open mind [just like I was saying about Justin and Nelly] having an open mind. If they weren't feeling it and they want to go in another direction, we have to be open minded enough to do it. Just like they have to be opened minded enough for us to give them something that may be a little bit different."