Album: T.I. vs T.I.P.
Label: Grand Hustle/Atlantic

Danja: "Me and Tim were in New York and we did a track that was crazy. Tim didn't like it though. Everybody left the studio and I'm there by myself. I'm like, 'Should I leave the studio?' because I don't have my sounds or anything here. All I had was my MPC and a Triton. So I came up with that track. That track is so special to me because I made a track out of whatever I had which wasn't much. So I did that horn and I did it all on the Triton and sampled it back into the MPC.

"Gee Roberson came to the studio later that night and Gee sent it Tip who recorded it later. It ended up becoming a single but unfortunately at the same time, it was when the whole gun thing came up. It was about to take off, people were loving it, and it just was unplugged. All the air was deflated.

"It's so frustrating and that happened twice, first with Britney and then T.I. T.I. I had records that were going to be massive and events that outside of music pulled the plug on it. It's discouraging but I had enough going on to where I didn't think about it. Then when you look back, it's like 'Wow, I could have done this.'

"But that was still dope. I actually played Simple Plan the same track and they went nuts. If you look at it, the track is on T.I.'s album and Simple Plan's album, we just did a rock version for Simple Plan."