Affiliations: Glizzy Gang
Previous Releases: Streets Hottest Youngin; Law; Fly Money with Jose Guapo; Fxck Rap
X-Factor: His voice cuts through anything.
At SXSW?: No evidence that he is.

As it's been since hip-hop began, initial buzz was built from beef. First, Glizzy went back and forth with fellow D.C. rapper Fat Trel, then with Chicago's Chief Keef. Rumor has it, Keef himself had Glizzy's diss song "3 Milli" on repeat, despite Glizzy's threat to shoot Keef's grandmother "in her titty."

Since his initial splash, though, Glizzy has been making some impressive music on his own. His voice has a shouted, jagged quality that slices through any track he's on, a midpoint between Meek Mill and Lil Wayne. His work relies on blunt earnestness, a searing voice of underclass urgency.

Although he was courted by MMG—Gunplay even appeared in the video for "Busters"—Glizzy has thus far remained independent, and seems to be steadily working on building a buzz within the DMV region, but outsiders are beginning to take a look.

Video That Sold Us: Shy Glizzy "Busters"