Affiliations: Coke Boys
Previous Releases: Hurry Up and Die: Get Ya Casket On; From the Cage to the Stage (Hurry Up & Die 2); Hurry Up & Die Vol. 3; Flight 2011; Cocaine Riot; Cocaine Riot 2; Assorted Coke Boys and French Montana tapes
X-Factor: New Yorker with national appeal.
At SXSW?: Yes

He's French Montana's most prominent Coke Boy understudy, a job which should become remarkably more important should French deliver a Bad Boy record that does numbers later this year. But even should the Coke Boy empire collapse, Chinx Drugz could have national appeal. Think about how he blends a choppy New York flow with slick nonchalance that slots him in between New York and the South on "Ha" interpolation "Paper Chaser."

It's a lane that Max B first developed, and A$AP Rocky has also worked it from a different angle, but it remains one of the most promising directions for New York's rap scene in a decreasingly regional rap era. Also, he has bars.

Video That Sold Us: Chinx Drugz "Road to Riches"