Alex Young is just that.  Young.   He’s already signed to Circle Talent Agency.  His songs get tens of thousands of plays consistently.  And he’s a sophomore in high school.   He’s making better beats than most adults, and he has to do homework.  It doesn’t really seem fair.  This track starts out with a housey vibe, and drops into a really fun trap track.  The playful vocals and bouncy synths are mesmerizing.

His conception of melody and production quality is top notch, and he really appeared on our radar only a few months ago.  He’s been making heavy tunes for nearly a year, but his stream since Halloween has been nothing short of epic.  While youngster Hucci (who is around the same age) is making deep and heavy trap music, Alex Young seems to be able to jump from genre to genre without any hiccups whatsoever, and makes records that we can play at parties.  This kid’s career is going to explode.  I just hope he can make it through calculus.