Ab-Soul's line, "You had a release date, but now it's never" comes to mind when discussing the potentiality of a Black Hippy album, which he jokingly refers to as Detox 2, on MTV's Rapfix. Raekwon provides him with some wise words from the perspective of an industry veteran, and when asked about Jay Electronica, Ab-Soul is quick to display his reverence for "the deep dude," which will surprise no one, considering the overlapping spiritual natures of the pair, at least musically.

Ab even seemed to take the advice to heart when hearing Jay Elect's reasoning for taking it easy on the drugs, because apparently "the brain already has all the chemicals that these drugs have." We can only wonder how that change of behavior may affect his music, since he's already the most "grammatically correct" of his crew, but maybe he can't spell sober.

[via MTVRapfix