It looks like we have one more person to thank for the killing of Osama bin Laden: The Game. According to a recent Esquire article, the man who shot bin Laden was listening to the Compton rapper just before the mission in order to pump himself up. The Seal Team Six member went on to say that “Red Nation” from 2011’s The R.E.D. Album, is his preferred pre-mission track because “It’s about putting blood on the ground. We were the Red Team and we were going to leave some blood.”

Esquire took the story one step further and asked Game himself what he thought about his song’s unexpected influence. “I feel real patriotic,” said Game. “I feel real American. I feel like I had — ‘cause what if he was listening to, like, John Mayer? Then he probably would’ve missed the shot or something. But I feel like ‘Red Nation’ had him on-point.” Get yourself in fighting spirit by listening to what will inevitably become our new national anthem down below.

[via Egotripland]