Winner: Remy Ma
Year: 2004

Ladies, ladies, why must you fight? Isn't there enough room in the game for two of y'all? No? Oh, okay. Well then...GIRL FIGHT! If you can hear above the cat screeching, it's awfully impressive to listen to young Remy spit. Here's how she started the first round of her first appearance at Fight Klub: "Back in the building, the bitch is back on the map/See I'm a beautiful bitch that just happens to rap/I spit straight rap/Luck, you straight wack/Just last year, you was like, Remy, let's do a track/I ain't impressed that you dropped 450 on a new jersey/I just dropped 450 on a crib in New Jersey/But I'm from the South Bronx, motherfucker, you heard me?/And I could tell you're a bird cause you get up too early."

But just before you think it's a runaway for Reminisce, Lady Luck takes the second round by storm with lines like, "Listen bitch, I'm the one with the Jersey plates/You talking real slick, coward, won't you bring it to my face?/I got more than a two way on my waist, and slugs won't be missing you, they opposite a case/You must be drunk, had a couple shots at your name, a couple of shots to your frame, leave you crippled and maimed/You so lame, my flow flame, rawer than cocaine/Ain't no Ante Up, bitch, Luck taking your chain." Wow. That's all well and good, but the pay better NOT be equal to the mens' winnings, amiright?!