By now, you've definitely heard of the "Harlem Shake" viral video craze, which isn't the actual Harlem Shake, but a thirty-second video that involves (1) An Electro-Clash Track, played over a video of (2) A single person, usually in a group of people, usually wearing some kind of "silly" headgear, (3) Air-humping, or doing an equally Beavis-like dance, (4) Until the beat drops, at which point, (5) Everyone who was previously a docile fixture of the background then goes wild, and then (6) It ends.

If you're anything like the staff of Complex—you did your best to avoid these, until finally, you couldn't take it anymore, tapped out, and submitted yourself to watching this ridiculousness. As such, we might as well help you, dear reader, navigate your way through the brain-meltingly toxic waters of viral-video saturation point, like the one we're at right now.

These are The 15 Types of Harlem Shake Videos. Take this wisdom, and do good with it.