(Edel America, 1996)

In hindsight, Hackers hasn't aged well. In a time when the first Playstation was advanced technology, a film about computer hacking seems super old school. The music, though? We have a feeling the ravers of the day were flocking to theaters to hear pre-Fat of the Land Prodigy tunes (like "Voodoo People") playing in their local theater.

Oh yeah, Angelina Jolie was in this as well. With short hair.

What became the first edition of the soundtrack featured nothing but tunes from the film, including beats from Underworld, Leftfield, Orbital, and Carl Cox. The success of the soundtrack ended up spawning two more (!) versions, primarily of music "inspired" by the film, which worked for dance music junkies, considering it featured things like the Empirion remix of Prodigy's "Firestarter" alongside output from The Orb, Danny Saber, BT, and Cirrus, although Massive Attack's "Protection" is nowhere to be found on any of these discs, despite how prominent it was in the film.

In any case, these three discs are a time capsule to where the dance music scene was at that time.