Just one day after Frank Ocean said he's not pressing charges against Chris Brown, Ocean collaborator Michael Uzowuru says he witnessed the fight between the two, and that Brown tried to "beat the living shit" out of him, according to a Formspring blog post

Apparently, the brawl did stem from a dispute over a parking spot. Uzowuru says he, Ocean, and others arrived at Westlake Studios to record, when they saw an orange Lamborghini in a spot labeled for Ocean. The title of Ocean's breakout album is channel ORANGE.

When Uzowuru asked the car to be removed, they were told it belonged to Brown. Then, according to the post and a TMZ report, Brown and two others walked out 10 minutes later, and Ocean told Brown to move the car. That's when the melee ensued.

"Then instantly Chris and the other dude grab [Frank] and try to jump him," Uzowuru says. "There's no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set-up." Also according to Uzowuru, Brown and another man tackled Ocean and sent him crashing into a candle display with glass.

[via TMZ]