I shouldn’t have to say anything about this release.  It’s 22 free tracks up for download from innovative producers that are pushing the limitations of electronic music.  Philly residents Jack Deezl & Architekt are heading this label, and we’re so proud of what they’ve done for the scene and the artists they represent in their five short months of existence. They are known more in the city for their work as DJs, and have a deeper understanding of respect within this industry.

18 producers were pulled in for this project, and the collective results can only be described as “future bass."  I hate the terms "post" and "future" ANYTHING, but these sounds fit that name perfectly.  None of the sounds are definable.  Even the tracks like “BB” by Jay Danko move from Baltimore club to trap.  None of these tracks let you get comfortable.  You are getting a ton of drum chops, and a ton of glitch.  And absolutely wonderful music.   These are true examples of artists represented by a label that isn’t comfortable fitting into a trend or riding on the coattails of a scene.  They are doing something COMPLETELY different, and we applaud them for that.  Please put your ears to this one.  It’s marvelous.