Drake has reached a point where his music videos are events. As "Started From The Bottom" director Director X puts it, "Drake really wanted to make a video that people would talk about. He basically wants to make the videos that I made when he was growing up." And that's what happened earlier this week when the visual that's launching Drake's third album, Nothing Was The Same, debuted online. Viewers were treated to a high-budget, concept-heavy, clip from the two Toronto visionaries.

Yesterday, we got on the phone with Director X to talk about the collaboration. "Drake really came to me with this treatment," he explained, before diving into a shot-by-shot breakdown of the video. We discussed the Bentley blizzard, the vacation spot in the Dominican Republic, and of course, the beautiful leading lady. As expected, X brought new insight to the video, revealing previously unknown information about every scene.

Still, Director X won't take too much of the credit for the video's large-scale outcome. "I just think people should know that Drake was the driving force pushing for that. He’s the one saying he wants to spend the money; he’s the one saying I want to make these big ideas happen. When people watch the video they need to understand that he’s putting in some work to entertain." Continue reading for more details on that work, from the director himself.

As told to Ernest Baker (@newbornrodeo)

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