When pursuing a career in hip-hop, it always helps to be great at rapping, but deficiency in the rhyming department isn't necessarily an impenetrable obstacle to getting ahead. Over the years, the success of certain rappers has shown that sometimes all you need is a good beat and a good hook to catch the ear of the masses.

This is a list of songs whose saving grace are their choruses, whether it comes from a guest rapper, R&B vocalist, or a clever turn of phrase from the artist themselves. While this phenomenon is most often perpetrated by artists who get lucky or have great industry connections, there are still examples of acclaimed acts who fell short, and were saved by an undeniable hook.

The carefree party rap of the '80s was absolved because they were still figuring things out, and songs without serviceable choruses are off the hook, too. But if the song was mostly difficult to love until being resurrected at the chorus, you'll find it here.

Written by Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ)

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